The Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game

Before I start, this is taken from a posting by Josh at Brain Stab - read the original, it's always better for you.

I love The Antique's Roadshow, the British one from Auntie Beeb of course, none of that crass American diving straight for the $$$'s but with oodles of stiff upper lip and, "Golly ... really ... as much as that. Mummy will be pleased". It's like a warm blanket I wrap around myself.

And so, on to the Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game from Brain Stab:
The primary part of the game is a simple guess at the valuation, with the person farthest away from the correct price drinking.

All participants drink if any of the following things occur or are said:
  • A translation is given for the Asian language read from the bottom of porcelain.
  • Polite British surprise expressed a la C3PO. (Polite swearing = 2 drinks)
  • Open disagreement over valuation.
  • Oiks with highly expensive items. (Scousers = 2 drinks)
  • Extreme accents that are hard to follow (except Welsh).
  • Annoying laugh.
  • Served royalty.
  • Item bought by a relative who was a sailor (excluding scrimshaw).
  • Bought in a car boot sale.
  • "That's interesting, I have another at home."
  • Pre-1500 (except Peruvian).
  • A personal letter to that person as a child from A.A. Milne, Beatrix Potter, or E.H. Shepard.
  • Iconic U.S. toy made in Germany.
  • "Did you play with it as a child?"
  • Object irretrievably damaged by owner through stupidity.


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