Google spreadsheet

Well, it's all going my way as more functionality is added on-line. This time the giant we know and love Google has released an invite only version of a "spreadsheet"app ... I am lucky enough to have received my invitation today.

As you may know I already use an on-line spreadsheet, iRows, but don't really push that product a lot ... I'm not a number person and so don't have a huge call for spreadsheet type functionality. Therefore the Google version was gonna have to be something quite special for me to move ... and it's not. Well, it is 'beta' and they'll no doubt build upon it - for a list of others reviews of the offering check out:

For now I will be sticking with iRows as they're good enough.

I am, however, very interested in how Google dictates the direction of computer development worldwide - they release a service and the world reports it; they say jump and the rest of the IT industry watches us all as we ask, "How high?". I've read elsewhere how annoyed Microsoft management are that they are no longer seen as the drivers behind the worlds IT ... life moves on.

So why would Google release a spreadsheet - what has it got to do with search? My view is that they are giving us all the stuff we're used to and not having us go 'cold turkey'. When you buy a PC you get a word processor, a spreadsheet and an email package ... you can now get the same from Google online. I don't believe Google are trying to enter the "Office 2.0" space at all, they're merely dragging us through the browser (even if it's IE) passed the installed applications and pointing us to the world online. They are trying to make the PC something we don't care about, something we use to run a browser ... something that Microsoft dominate and can for ever if they so wish. They are attempting to make Microsoft irrelevant.

For instance, the spreadsheet offering is fine (as is iRows) and probably covers 90% of users doing what they want ... nothing flash, won't suit the accountants amongst us but does what it does. They'll add in some cool things just to keep us involved and a little excited (much like they do with their email package when they integrated chat). But basically it's about ensuring we smoothly, effortlessly and easily move passed the PC and online.

Once there ... we can be advertised to.


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