What a friggin' weekend

Sleeeeepy[Updated 9-Aug]
And now I'm ill - big time ill. Fever with rantings (in my crazed brain running at 1,000,000 revs in 1st gear) whilst feeling like I was gonna expel everything inside.
I am shattered now!

It started with me having a very late one Friday and never really recovered until yesterday evening.

I had a few very VERY nice wines with a work colleague that's been just awesome with the shift in the career (cheers PP) at Juniper (Johnston Street, just down from Kirks). A mate swear the best steak he's ever had was eaten here.

After that caught up with the lads for a couple of drinks at Blend (bar to the Nomad backpackers), a relatively new bar on Wakefield Street. 2-for-1 drinks 7pm-9pm each day. What could you say except, another please. To be fair they were monitoring who had what and wouldn't let you go up and buy 44 pints in one hit - responsible host and all that.

Then Paul and I wandered off to The Tasting Room to sit outside and talk about the world. I bought myself an $8.50 cigar (from The Establishment) because I wanted to.

Home by 2am, seat in te garden to eat the kebabs and watch the stars before watching a bit of Spike Milligan on the TV. Bed by 5am after falling asleep in a very awkward position.

Saturday was noticeably slow to get going but I did well. Especially considering I was up at 8am with Jack. We had a blast actually, over to Eastbourne for Liz's pilgrimage (an old haunt of hers and she loves it over there - needed to say goodbye). Awesome weather and watch out for photo's very soon.

I was then booked to catch-up with the guys to watch the AB's at 1am ... I didn't make it.

As it turned out just as well. Jack was awake at 3am vomiting which carried on until around 8am. Poor wee fella. We had him in our bed and just as he'd fall asleep on me his stomach decided that it was time for one more vom. We never had anything over us or the bed as we had the towels under him in time.

I had a sleep in (!) 'til 10am when I was awoken by Liz being sick in the hallway.

So, up and be with Jack for the rest of the day as Liz struggled back to bed and slept it all off. Luckily Jack was Ok by then but he did eat very slowly.

Sunday evening I managed to finally get Jack to sleep - he was bushed - and left Liz in front of the TV watching something (NZ Idol would've been on at some point I'm sure) and I crept down to the study to play with my new toy.

Bed by 1am after resting the brain (really, playing on the computer is very very restful to me) and reading a chapter of Harry Potter.

What a weekend! Let's hope that's the end of them.


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