Week 25, it's all getting quite real

Meg has changed for me now. She's part of the family and not an abstract idea.

We spent the weekend at Riversdale Beach lazing around in the sun (not a cloud in the sky), reading oodles and generally trying to have a restful time. Unfortunately this wasn't able to be totally achieved because there were others with us.

Apart from Emma (it's her brothers place we stay at) and Amanda who are both regulars we also had Elsie and her mum along. Elsie gets up at 6am. It was dark this morning when I started the day - unnatural!

BUT. It was just awesome to watch Jack and Elsie bond, play and have an absolute blast in each others company. And this is how I imagine (hope) Jack will be with Elsie.

There were also times when it was me and the kids whilst the others went for walks on the beach, slept or seriously wanted to get into Harry Potter (we had two people reading it!). These were really cool times - me, Jack and a little girl. Granted Elsie is at least 2 1/25 years older than Meg and Jack won't be able to get quit the same response when he plays.

Still brought Meg that much closer to me. And to that family in my head.
I already have her playing in the paddling pool whilst her big brother watches on.

Life is gonna be soooo sweet!

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