The tapes part one (of many)

With the move to Christchurch (ChCh-changes anyone?) I'm gonna dump my collection of tapes. These are music tapes that were recorded mostly in my youth for purely backup purposes of the originals ... many friends availed themselves of this service ... *ahem*

They ain't gonna be in any order, this is just gonna be a list for me and probably quite a stamp collector type thing to do (if you're a stamp collector please replace the relevant words with, 'train spotter').

These lists will also serve as the basis for my tardy attempt of selecting my life soundtrack.

It'll be band name, sorry, Recording Artist, first and then the album name. They'll all (well, 99.9%) be the UK version of the albums, the UK versions of the bands and the UK versions of the covers (ie, hand typed by my goodself - ooh yes, I typed the covers, imagine it!).

I'll actually indicate ones that were pre-recorded which are ones that are actually legit and/or bought/given to me - how will I do that, um, an asterisk and then we can all wonder what the asterisk means in later postings.

Prepare yourself, I'm going in ...

Hmm, maybe I won't dump all these as there's some bloody good music amongst the dross (heavy metal dross generally). But, what do I play them on - the cheapy stereo's tape player has died and the Sony Walkman (the original!) is not gonna last that long.

Anyone got any ideas?

More coming very soon (about 6 more lists around the same length).


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