Stuff I'll miss in Wellington

My mates, the street characters, the harbour side, the views up the Hutt valley, living in Miramar, the Thursday time with Jack, Lambton Quay, Cuba Street, all my locals (bars), gay people, the Stadium, the live music, the art/creative vibe, being close to a major movie set-up, Active FM, my mates, MiramarMike blog (new one announced next week), knowing where the good coffee places are, being able to walk everywhere, the train station, the look-and-feel of Wellingtonians, the bucket fountain, being a part of the wellingtonista, 04 as my area code, watching planes wobble into the airport, being so close to Riversdale, my mates, knowing my way around, beeping in the Mt.Vic tunnel, having a place as part of my history for the 2nd longest time ever, the hills, Civic Square, the wiggly-wiggly roads, awesome public transport, the central library, yellow & black, festivals & events, drive around the bays/coast, Scorching Bay, Chocolate Fish & Frog, Wholly Bagels, living in the Capital, street parades/marches & hikois, good local beer, harbour fireworks, Newtown, views from the top of the hills, cool houses hanging of the side of the same hills, the Lagoon, my mates ...

But most of all I'll miss Wellington being my home.

Pictures/story/1,000 words and all that:

Thanks to Wellington Flickr posters taniwha, Felicity and Phillip, Glutnix, Tangelo and Jonthan Ah Kit,


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