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I rarely blog articles from the others that I read (down the right-hand side, go on visit 'em they're top) but this has made me laff out loud today JonnyB's private secret diary

Favourite lines:
(See how I politely use the American vernacular in order to make him feel at home.)

... it is probably his PA who is sending me the emails, whilst he gets reimbursement on the couch from a not-particularly good actress whose move into Hollywood movies was previously inexplicable

OK, This is this is quite good as well but am annoyed I can no longer leave comments (boo hiss).

Favourite lines:
Greek Harbourmaster Eric: "You want to buy boat? She very fast, very fast. You want to buy wife? I have wife also."

1982 Businessman of the Year Eric: "Going forward, we feel it is vital to continue to perform the blues for our blues-loving shareholders."


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