Lessons from a single woman

A comment posted from a mate of mine but worthy of it's own posting (in fact, she should get her own blog as she's a cracking writer and has loads to say).

Mike, I've been exploring the supposed 'man drought' this week. I've learnt some lessons that should be shared.

LESSON ONE: Drought should not lead to desperation. Excitement is all it's cracked up to be, and is definately worthy of new lingere, but always be prepared for the hard hitting reality that the quality of the man is much more important than the quantity of available men.

LESSON TWO: There is no place like home. Just because the excitement is rampant, the lingere is dancing wickedly just under the surface, and the 'taste buds' are humming, it's doesn't mean that 'staying over' is a good idea. There is nothing like your own sheets, and your own shower, to aid recovery from bad decision making. Be warned, the showers at the Duxton have nothing on my place!

LESSON THREE: Don't stop looking. Despite the sharp embarassment of realising the error of your ways (caused, in part, by one too many bottles of Riesling and aforementioned sexy lingere), there will always be a next time. The rains will come, the drought will break. Afterall, someone out there will truly appreciate the goddess that you are. You might just need new lingere to put that spring in your own step and that smile back on your face!


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