I love my wife

And not just for all the obvious reasons - she demands that I do, she's got all the money therefore I have to, she wears the trousers and I'm scared of her. Oh no, not for all these normal reasons.

I lover my wife because she makes a difference. Meeting and knowing Liz or working with her via her coaching company, Vista Coaching, will truly change you.

And that's where she puts her energy - for the betterment (ick word but can't think of a ... better one), for the betterment of people.

Oh, of course she likes a gossip at the expense of others like the rest of us. She's not adverse to using a cutting remark when she's tired and someone's pissed her of. She's even been known to to shout, "Fuck off you wanker!" at me ... deserved.

But really, when all's said and done she see's the best in people - sometimes when they don't even see it themselvs. And she's able to enter their world, see it as they do and not judge whilst there (I judge, noticed?)

And that's one of the reasons I love my wife.
She inspires me.


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