I can't take it anymore, I have to say something

That smug, self-centered, holier-than-thou ... person, that does the Nine-To-Noon show on National Radio. You know the ... person, I mean!

Linda ... [don't swear Mike] ... Clark

I am sick to the backteeth how she expresses her contempt, smugness and self importance over my radio (MY radio - I pay her bloody wages!). If she wants to put people down then fuck off and get a job on any one of the millions of red-neck talkback stations - she'd be perfect at it.

Why does she thinks SHE is the show, SHE is the news, SHE is what we're tuning in for or that SHE holds the views of the nation.

The final straw was her reading out a press statement from a company that was along the lines of, "... we'll be writing to people once the research is done ... we want to ensure we collaborate withy the community ... we want to work together ..". The company, the press statement and the issue isn't my point (naff as it did sound).

It's her fucking reaction (sorry, I'm really annoyed with her AND that other one. I'll get to other in a mo'). She then sneered at the statement (beneath her to have to read it probably), commented on how, "someone was paid an awful lot of money to write ... 'that' ...", and " ... if they'd just come on the program they could have communicated, or not, a lot quicker and cheaper."

I expect you're paid an "awful lot of money", Linda Clark, but doesn't stop you doing what the hell you want.

Spot the Holmes-syndrome. - my program is so damned important, has the pulse of the nation and is where everyone wants to be. No, it is not. I turn her off (read on before commenting) ...

The other one, Mary Wilson, does the 5pm+ news round up and exhibits all the same fucking problems.

Now, before anyone uses the standard NZ-announcer defence of, "Well, they have to be a bit rude as they [interviewees] avoid the questions". Bollocks. Being a tough interviewer is NOT being condescending, patronising and all the other things I've mentioned. It's getting the answers AND letting the audience decide whether the answers are valid or not.

Standard defence #2: Well, you can just turn off.
I do. But I want better from the station I'm paying for. National Radio is generally awesome but these "flag-ship" programs annoy the tits off me and it's just because of their attitudes.

Oh, and announcers, don't sneer and pop in a snide comment at the end of the interview, especially if the person is on the phone and you've cut them off - it's childish and you're just 'getting the last word in' - grow up!

Kim Hill is just as bad but is getting a little better (in my view).


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