7 days to go and all is well in the warmth of the office

Click and be amazed at the publishing worldPeople are starting to book me in as they realise that it will be my final week next week. I've pre-booked all the lunchtimes to make sure I don't get too bloody swamped.

Some of the work colleagues seem to be thinking about the imminent departure of me, that's good. Plenty of time (7 working days) to get it all out of my brain.

I've cleaned the PC - there's no music, pictures or anything that I want to take away with me left on it. Took about 2 weeks to sift, sort, delete and move but it's over.

As some may know I'm a tidy wee person and so there's nothing ever a lot on the desk but now, nothing left on the desk. The Monmouth calendar has gone home, the small toy Christmas tree is with Philippa and the rest will go into my executive briefcase (shopping bag) on the final Wednesday.

And there is no work paper - I don't do paper. All that's left on the desk is the computer, phone and pen/notepad. That's it, everything else is filed in the electronic cabinets. I could leave today knowing that they could find everything they wanted.


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