A tiring weekend of rugby

I'm sitting here with very tired eyes after getting up at 3am to watch the "North v South" Tsunami benefit game in London - the score was 54-19 to the South. The game itself was quite fun but there wasn't a huge amount of atmosphere from the sparse crowd (they did better in the 2nd half with the Mexican Wave, probably trying to keep themselves warm).

On the Virtual Super 12 front I once again managed an average score (can't really remember who I picked - have to get a little more focused I think) and am, therefore, middle of the tables for both my mates.

Go the 'Canes though - what a cracking start to the season for them.
Who knows, it may come down to the final 'Canes game away to the Crusaders in Jade Stadium/Lancaster Park mid-May. There's a whole gang of us (13+) going down for it so it will be a huge weekend no matter what.

No Six Nations this week.

And finally, the Lions are coming! Here's a good site with the latest Lions 'probables' - not official as Mr Woodward is not known for letting anything out that may benefit the enemy.

Oh, some person from the NZ Rugby Union called me this morning as we were walking back with Jack - unfortunately I couldn't hear a word she was saying as the wind was too gusty (and let me tell you it's building to be a corker of a windy day here in Wellywood!)
I think she said she was gonna call back. I suspect I've got the option of getting tickets for some mid-week game :-(


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