David Rhodes of Perth isn't even trying

Another posted piece of postbox junk today, and on my birthday, maybe they thought I'd have so many gifts I'd look kindly on them ... WRONG!

It's not funny, it's not clever and it's not gonna work - just a standard piece of pyramid selling that prays on people.
I have reported to the NZ Government ScamWatch.

Also, seeing as it was posted in Nelson MailCtr 8-Mar-2005 at 5pm, this one doesn't leave me in good humour at all - funny foreigners are "OK" (to a degree) but these are Kiwi's praying on Kiwis.

So, David Rhodes (Perth) or any of the following, take note that you're being outgunned by a Marie D'Esple and P.R. Nelchael in all facets of scam-ness, you're out of your league:
  • J Jones, P.O. Box 16051, Bethlehem, Tauranga, NZ
  • D&T Pope, 32 Balmoral Drive, Taupo, NZ
  • D Cranshaw, 220 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington, NZ
  • J & C Hunt, P.O. Box 940, Nelson, NZ
  • Maria Bickley, Milnthorpe R.D. 2, Takaka, NZ
I trust no scammers/spammers inadvertently use these addresses, that would be despicable behaviour.

Oh, got this back from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs after I reported the scam:
Thank you for your email about the David Rhodes chain letter. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs does not have powers to investigate potential pyramid selling schemes being promoted to New Zealand consumers. That role is carried out by the New Zealand Commerce Commission (the Commission supplies us with information about warned and prosecuted schemes for listing on Scamwatch). The Commission enforces the Fair Trading Act which sets out the prohibition on pyramid selling schemes. If you wish to report a scheme to the Commission, you may email them directly at contact@comcom.govt.nz with information about the scheme.Regards,

Contact Centre Advisor
Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Phone: 04 474 2750
Email: mcainfo@mca.govt.nz

When is a 'scam' not a 'scam'?
Anywho it was a quick response and did point me in another direction - sent off an email to the other governmental dept ...


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