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From the Web 1.0 days I bring you The Forum. To preserve them for posterity as Geocities can no longer be found but also it's fun to re-read some of them.


22nd May, 2001

Would the real fiona.fraser please stand up?

I was pretty appalled to learn that somebody posing as myself sent you lot a hoax email from fiona.fraser@telstra.com towards the end of last week. Have just laid eyes on the email ... it makes reference to a bunch of stuff that never happened, at a bunch of places I don't go to, and is written in a a style poorly imitating my own. (God help me if I ever use "Wow!" as a subject heading ...)

Anyways ... I ask you all, if you are able, to block fiona.fraser@telstra.com from your email accounts and/or to disregard anything sent from this address in the future. I have somebody investigating the server path of the email on my behalf and I spoke to Telstra this morning to see what they can do about this abuse of their service. While I'd obviously prefer an apology from whomever is responsible, as yet this has not been forthcoming.

Whether this was a practical joke or not, it really worried and dismayed (not to mention, confused) members of my family who were on the recipient list ... and nicely topped off what was a really shitty week for me.

Ok ... well, there'll be no more updates from me for a while. Hope you are all well and happy. xF

Mikey: As the actions of this bogus Fi have curtailed our own enjoyment of her writings I would like to state one more time that all writings on the Forum are subject to copyright and that all names/places and e-mail contacts mentioned are not to be used. Please feel free to e-mail me at mikey_boyle@yahoo.com if you have any issues.


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