The Greatest Gate Of All

Gotta love those that bandy together around nothing/everything as important as "gates" before forming into a self proclaimed society, posting your loves which gets picked up by the Guardian.

Magnificent Celtic spirals … Dafydd Davies-Hughes’ gate on Ynys Llanddwyn. Photograph: Mark Little/Alamy

Another of the gatemaker’s creations nearby on the island. Photograph: Joan Gravell/Alamy

Name: The world’s best gate.

Location: Ynys Môn / Anglesey.

Appearance: Wooden, ornate, gorgeous.

What is this stupidity? A gate is a gate. This is where you’re wrong. The gate in question is an absolute thing of wondrous beauty. It’s hand-carved, you know.

Oh, that does actually sound quite nice. And the top of the gate has magnificent Celtic spirals etched into it, too.

I love Celtic spirals. Did I mention that it features a bespoke hand-forged spring fastener latch that has been designed to mimic the look of a shepherd’s crook?

I take it all back! I’m in love! Who made this gate? That would be Dafydd Davies-Hughes, a gatemaker whose unmistakable work can be seen throughout north Wales. According to his website, he once made an oak balcony designed to look like a human hand. It is unbelievably beautiful.

Balcony schmalcony! I only care about gates! Where is this beautiful gate? It guards Ynys Llanddwyn, a small tidal island just off the west coast of Anglesey. But maybe don’t go just yet. It’s bound to be busy.

Is it? Of course. Ynys Llanddwyn was already the No 1 attraction in that part of Anglesey, according to Tripadvisor (sorry to the Anglesey Transport and Agriculture Museum and cafe), but that was before the Gate Appreciation Society got involved.

The what? Oh, come on ...


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