Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear you,

You really are an arrogant, anal retentive prick aren't you!

You come in here after being invited and start your secretive, nasty little fucking "the big I am" and it's so fucking boring I think I am going to vomit. And yet the really fucking annoying thing is that you claimed to be so different, wanting to help, wishing to contribute and I believed you.

You dress like a second hand whore that's fallen on bad times.

The self-centered, it's all about me and stony faced approach to pain is wearing, life sucking and something you need to seek help about. I can't take the single focus all the time and if we're ever to be something different you need to think about how you see it all.

The times you open your mouth to talk makes me wish I had no ears.

Thank you and FUCK OFF,

Hmm, when I let it out I really let it out. But not half as eloquently as the Stone Roses:

And there's NO FUCKING WAY I'm going to let you know who that amalgamation of people is.


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