Breathing Space Website Live In About 37 Minutes

As you know my wife, Liz, and her business partner Helen have started a new business called Breathing Space ("a new initiative for the professional development of parents").

The awesome folks at Decisive Flow has created them a logo which the two agreed on yesterday. I then said to Liz, "I'll set up a website for you", that won't take long.

Why won't it take long - because:
  1. They have very simple needs right now
  2. They are running the business with Google Apps
  3. Google Apps has the ability to publish a site to the world
Last night I got home, played with the kids, watched some (crap!!) TV and then around 9:30pm popped up the lid of the laptop and plowed into it. From whoa (nothing, not even a DNS entry) to go (website up and ready) took around 37 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, it's a very VERY simple site but they can add deeper pages by simply creating pages and entering the text. Everything is automated for them and as far as they're concerned it's like editing documents ... which it's not of course, it's a website with a websites's needs and desire, but that'll come over time. For now they are happy that the technology has got out of the way and let them get on with the business of advertising their business.

So, why do you need to get a CMS?


  1. Gosh, isn't that right up there with "my 12 year old nephew can use photoshop, he can make our website".

  2. Very probably

    I s'pose I was trying to say that they (the business users NOT the geeks) could do it. All I (geek) really did was change a DNS entry and enter the URL in Google Apps (a one off thing). They did the page.

    Now, when they want integrated one-stop shopping + online communities, will THEY be able to do that ... who knows.

    So yeah, it's simple but it's theirs.

    Do I believe the technology will allow business users to do their own website, eventually yes (think early desktop publishing and now anyone *can* using Word/OpenOffice) - the technology will allow them, the skillset to actually do it well is a different matter


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