Haggis is crap

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd I mean that in a purely scientific way and not as a personal opinion of the "food item".

Reading the paper (The Press) this morning I came across a Times article by Chris Ayres, The Great British sandwich - from glory to ridicule, humorously discussing British food and how it's, well, pretty awful. It ends though with this little aside:

If you think it's hard to defend English food in California, consider what the Scots have got to work with.

In the old days, expat Scots used to inflict their cooking on the locals only once a year, on Burns Night. Then the Food and Drug Administration intercepted a Beverely Hills-bond consignment of haggis. Alarmed at the lab results, officials reclassified the beloved dish as fertiliser.

It is now on a list of forbidden imports, along with nerve gas and nuclear weapons.


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